You are not a collection of separate areas. Everything that happens in one area of your life affects the others. Your business cannot thrive if you have tensions or unresolved issues at a personal level. The way you relate to others has an impact on your success and personal satisfaction.

Transformational Observation is a method based on two scientific principles:

  1. The brain only uses 5% of all the info received by our five senses to form our reality. Then the brain selects 10% of that 5% which means we can only perceive consciously 0.5% of any situation. Yet, we feel so sure that “we know”!!! If I am focusing on the 0.5% I see and you are focusing on the 0.5% you see we will probably disagree and think “you are wrong”.
  2. Cognitive Dissonance: Our minds are wired to avoid the tension caused by loose ends. When you ask the right question your subconscious mind will keep working under the scenes to find an answer and bridge that gap. Coaching conversations elicit questions that open possibilities you did not consider before, to allow you to build the kind of life you want. The key is formulating the right question. The rest comes naturally

Imagine what would happen if instead of arguing for who is right we would add up our pieces of perception, compare notes, and work together with that bigger picture?

Think about how your life will change if you

  • learn to change the way you observe reality 
  • change your focus to discover different perspectives, opening new possibilities
  • Ask the right questions and thus find the answers you need

When you change the way you observe you change your mind, which changes the way you feel, and that in turn transforms how you behave, going from reacting to acting with purpose. Coaching gives you tools to expand possibilities and transform your life


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